Packaging Innovation in an Omnichannel World with Westrock's Leon Nicholas

The CPG Guys Fast Forward

May 26 2023 • 47 mins

For the inaugural episode of Fast Forward, CPG Guy Bryan Gildenberg is joined by Leon Nicholas, Vice President of Insights and Retail Solutions at WestRock Company, a global leader in sustainable paper and packaging solutions.

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Leon answers these questions:

1) How did you get to be the head of Retail Insights and Solutions at Westrock?
2) So, if I had to ask you to classify the evolution or future of in-store merchandising, how would you break it down?  How does the display of the future look different than it does today?
3) Talk about the evolution up the supply chain in terms of how things get to the store.  What are some of the important trends there?
4) What’s happening in terms of more easily readable/scannable packaging?
5) How are retailers using packaging to solve eCommerce profitability/operational issues?  Increasingly, the conversation in eCommerce is about how to package-enable robotic technology – what’s happening there?
6) What impact do you think retail media will have on how West Rock works with its clients? Does a media enabled store need to work differently?
7) Do you think ESG/sustainability goals are moving from a “nice to have” in the joint business plan to a “must have”? How does this change the packaging conversation?
8) What didn’t we talk about that we should have?

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