Season 3, Episode 13

Lobey, Lynchie and Friends with Hank Morse Podcast

Jan 12 2022 • 48 mins

It's on to Buffalo for the Patriots for their wildcard playoff game against the Bills. Are you worried about the Pats' chances with a rookie QB, Mac  Jones? Bob wants to know if you'd prefer Jimmy Garoppolo or Mac Jones?  Hmmm. They did have a chance to keep a pretty good quarterback, but chose to move on. LOL

BTW. Has anyone noticed the surging Boston Bruins? Lobel doesn't care. Lynchie is focused on the Patriots. Hank is obsessed with  them right now, even though we're three months from the playoffs. Brad Marchand is a 5/9", 180 pound BEAST! #OurBestFoods #OurBestMeatbals