Season 3, Episode 11

Lobey, Lynchie and Friends with Hank Morse Podcast

Dec 28 2021 • 50 mins

Following the Patriots' second straight lackluster loss, Lobel, Lynchie and Hank ask the questions, WHY? Is rookie QB Mac Jones rattled because Bill Belichick took the ball out of his hands in the win in Buffalo? Is he hurt? Where has JC Jackson disappeared to? What happened to their top ranked defense?

Also, did you see Belichick's post game answer to the "New Year's resolution" question? He handled it well. What about the reporter who asked the question? Was it a stupid question? Why is the media so afraid of Belichick? There were a lot of meatballs to dole out his week. @Ourbestfoods #OurBestMeatballs