Episode 149: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Marie Charlot on Leadership, Respect, Love, Abundance, and Joy

The Davidson Hang Podcast

20-01-2022 • 32 mins

Whether Marie Charlot is working with people in the United States, Canada, or Asia, she finds that we share basic human values and are committed to the same things: love, acceptance, respect, and abundance. Her love and passion for people – of any age and cultural background – will not allow what is comfortable to supersede what is essential for their success. Marie is a catalyst who drives measurable transformation by providing others with new tools to be effective, and thus maximize their potential. She now brings her enthusiasm for brain-based experiential learning to contribute to all of us including families, parents, companies in other words extraordinary people. “We are leaving their fingerprints of LOVE for generations to come, for a better world for all of us”.

Marie offers twenty-five years of experience in leading, training, and coaching individuals and groups on topics that profoundly impact all aspects of their lives. Marie has worked with over 50,000 people providing personal and group coaching in areas that allow for personal growth, such as parenthood, family, relationships, communities, conscious leadership, communications, and professional effectiveness. She led seminars for families on Radio Verité to audiences in North America, Europe, and Haiti. A community that started with 20,000 and grew to over 300,000 people. After 9/11, Marie worked with several major companies that lost hundreds of their employees at the World Trade Center, offering coaching and guidance through the healing process of the employees who survived. Marie developed sales training, executive coaching, and leadership programs in the business sector to improve performance at all levels for small, medium to Fortune 500 Companies. She has worked with Youth at Risk organizations, providing coaching to underprivileged youth.

Fluent in French and Creole, Marie graduated from CUNY/ Brooklyn College with B.A. in Economics & Psychology followed by graduate courses. In addition to her academic education, she was trained in transformational education at companies such as Lifespring and Landmark Worldwide.

If you would like to connect with Marie, here is her website.


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