Episode 53: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Melissa Scherman on Work Life Balance and Prioritization

The Davidson Hang Podcast

12-06-2020 • 36 mins

Melissa is an Enterprise Account Executive at LinkedIn Learning Solutions. She was also a Senior Account Executive at Demandbase. She worked at Responsys in Business Development which ended up getting acquired by Oracle as a Senior Applications Sales Executive. She also worked in finance at Goldman Sachs as a Client Relationship Manager in National Key Accounts.

She went to Fordham for her MBA in Marketing and Finance and went to the University of Florida for her Bachelors in Finance and graduated Cum Laude.

Not only is Melissa a rockstar Linkedin Professional she is an incredible mentor and leader. She's humble and more importantly such a good person.

Join us in a conversation about finding your why and finding a vision whose mission you believe in and you become successful because you in bones you know you are making a difference.

"Melissa encompasses a blend of intelligence, hard work, and natural leadership. Not only is Melissa a major asset to any sales team as an individual contributor, having exceeded quota time and time again, but she brings tremendous value as a leader and mentor. Melissa was a major source of support and guidance when I joined Responsys. She is directly responsible for helping me get promoted—as she assisted me in preparing for my internal presentation and interview. Now as an Account Executive, Melissa has continued to serve as my mentor, lending her experience and insight to help me navigate sales opportunities. She has been a true assist to my development and will be a major addition to any team she joins in the future."

If you would like to connect with her. Here is her Linkedin Profile.

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