Episode 144: Episode 144 of The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dr.Anna Di (Founder of Unity Chiropractic Wellness)

The Davidson Hang Podcast

31-12-2021 • 46 mins

Dr. Anna Di, DC, CES has over 473 reviews on Zocdoc and is one of the highest-rated doctors on the platform.


If you would like to connect with her on Instagram, here is the url.

Dr. Anna Di is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. She is certified as a personal trainer and as a corrective exercise specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She maintains a very active lifestyle which is reflected with gold medals as a bodybuilding competitor with the National Physique Committee, the most recognized amateur bodybuilding organization in America. She has spent thousands of hours assisting physical therapists in rehabilitation therapies/exercise before she became a full-time chiropractor. She is skilled in expert-tailoring the building, maintaining, and repairing of the human body, as she has done to hundreds of satisfied personal training, physical therapy, and chiropractic patients.

Check out this episode if you are ever want to start your own business or even if you are a practicing chiropractor. She's one of the kindest human beings I know. Thank you so much for your contributions to so many non-profits and especially for supporting the Orphans Futures Alliance, if you are interested in contributing please do so below.


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