Episode 156: Episode 156 of the Davidson Hang Podcast on Transformation, Tony Robbins, Landmark Worldwide, and Accomplishment Coaching

The Davidson Hang Podcast

08-11-2022 • 46 mins

Hey everyone,   My coach from Landmark Worldwide. In this podcast episode, I will cover all of the self-development programs I have been a part of. I've been asked numerous times what the benefits, pros, and cons of these transformational programs are.

Check this episode if you want to be a life coach or if you want to continue to grow and explore your potential.   These are the programs I discuss during this episode.

1. Tony Robbins- Unleash the Power from Within, Date with Destiny, Tony Robbin's Master University, Business Mastery, Two Masterminds, Business and Personal
2. Accomplishment Coaching in person year-long training
3. Next Level Trainings- Emotional Intelligence training
4. Landmark Forum, Advance Course, Self Expression Leadership Program, Introduction Leaders Program now called the Leaders Program, Team Management Leadership Program, Communication Access to Power, Communication Power to Create, and the Wisdom course.
5. Lewis Howe's Summit of Greatness
6. Jack Canfield's Day of Greatness

Check out this episode if you are curious about diving deeper into unlocking human potential.  #LandmarkWorldwide #TonyRobbins #NextLeveltrainings #AccomplishmentCoaching #SummitofGreatness #LewisHowes