Episode 140: Episode 140 of the Davidson Hang Podcast w/Brandon Fluharty (VP of Strategic Accounts at LivePerson)

The Davidson Hang Podcast

23-11-2021 • 41 mins

Want to make 7 figures in being a professional salesperson?

We discussed the new trends around bringing your whole self to work and having an integrated life where you get to bring who you are and be able to have entrepreneurial side business while still being a top performer at your company.

Brandon Fluharty is the Founder of Be Focused. Live Great.

He's closed some of the largest deals I have ever heard of it and is at the pinnacle of success of being a Saas Sales professional.

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Check out this episode if you are want to work fewer hours and ultimately still be a top performer. Such a treat to share his wisdom and knowledge with you all.

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