Rethink & Return with Jason Shepperd

Jason Shepperd

It’s time to Rethink and Return to a Biblical model of how we function as a church. In this podcast we dive into the exploration of a biblically articulated and applied ecclesiology, aiming to rediscover an ecclesiastical DNA rooted in the gospel found in Scripture. Our focus is on reviving pastoral leadership practices, emphasizing a decentralized and diverse expression of community as practiced in the house churches of the early church. It's a call to rethink how we approach community and gatherings, and return to a simple, biblical approach to a structure that aligns with the principles witnessed in the Early Church. Let us return to gatherings that prioritize preaching the Bible and exalting Jesus. Join us as we unpack the simple yet effective systems and structures that have sustained and helped Church Project grow over the past 13 years. From our humble beginnings with 40 individuals, we have expanded to gathering thousands in over 100 House Churches across various cities, states and nations. Explore the journey of rethinking and returning to a community grounded in the essence of the Early Church. Tune in to the Rethink and Return Podcast with Jason Shepperd and together, let us rethink church and our purpose in it by returning to what Jesus originally designed His Church to be. read less
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