The Murder of Chandra Levy

Crime Obscene

Jul 1 2021 • 36 mins

*THIS EPISODE CONTAINS DESCRIPTIONS OF VIOLENCE, DOMESTIC ABUSE, ASSUALT AND SEXUALT ASSSUALT THAT SOME LISTENERS MAY FIND DISTURBING* On May 1st, 2001, Chandra Ann Levy disappeared without a trace. The 24-year-old had recently wrapped up a paid internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, DC but was due to return to her home in Modesto, California in time for May Graduation. But this did not come to pass as five days later, on May 6th, Levy’s family would alert the Metropolitan Police Dept. of the District of Columbia (MPD) from Modesto that they had not heard from her. The police responded by carrying out a welfare check on Chandra’s apartment which resided in Dupont Circle but found nothing. Further investigating and from Levy’s own father, it would be learned that Chandra had been having an affair with a then U.S congressman Gary Condit. This information was corroborated by Chandra’s aunt. But beneath this story of what sounds like a tale of scandal, seedy secrets and murder, something that of which Hollywood itself could spin, beats the cold heart of truth. The truth of a truly horrifying investigation riddled with errors of judgement, media frenzy and trials by both court and television alike, in Today’s episode we will bring the lens back into focus on to that young woman who vanished twenty years ago and later be found 6 km from her home dead, in the Murder of Chandra Levy. SOURCES: