The Vanishing & Suspected Homicide of Deirdre Jacob

Crime Obscene

Sep 30 2020 • 11 mins

Crime Obscene is a monthly true crime podcast. Adult content and triggering topics discussed such as violence, murder and disappearances. Listener discretion is advised.On the afternoon of July 28th 1998, Deirdre Jacob, an Irish native who studied in England to be a teacher was home for the Summer holidays in her town of Newbridge, Co. Kildare. With errands to run in the town, Deirdre walked the twenty-five-minute walk from her home Roseberry to the town of Newbridge, all this recorded on CCTV. Deirdre disappeared within steps of her home, and she has never been seen again. There has been a tireless investigation into her disappearance, an upgrade to a homicide investigation and even a person of interest named in her disappearance. In this episode we delve into the information surrounding this heart-breaking case and in uncovering the details, hope to give this case more exposure so more ears can hear it and possibly can say what they know.  SOURCES: CHILLING CRIMES:,the%20United%20Kingdom%20to%20study.&text=Deirdre%20was%20studying%20to%20become%20a%20teacher.&text=Deirdre%20was%20in%20Newbridge%20that%20day%20as%20planned.  THE JOURNAL:  EXRTA.IE:  THE IRISH INDEPENDENT: SOCIAL MEDIA:  See for privacy and opt-out information.b9WRZ3mnFpy1llc2SG02