The Unsolved Murder of Raonaid Murray

Crime Obscene

Aug 8 2021 • 32 mins

In the late hours of Friday night, down a darkly lit laneway in Glenageary, South Dublin, Ireland a voice pierced the September night air, a voice cried out  “leave me alone, go away and fuck off”. These were witness reports of what would soon be determined to be of Raonaid Murray in her final moments.

Raonaid or “Rainy” lovingly called by friends had been out in a bar with some friends after finishing her shift at work. She had spent an hour there before deciding to head home briefly to change clothes as the group were deciding to head to a nightclub.

Though had friend waited, and even rang the house phone to see where she was, Raonaid did not show. Later that night, shortly 12;30 am as Raonaid’ s sister was returning home with some of her friends, they spotted something unusual in the laneway known locally as “The Gap” or more sinisterly as “The Cut”. There they found, tragically, was the lifeless body of the 17- year- old.

Raonaid had been viciously stabbed four times and even more heart-wrenchingly she had died within 20 yards (18 m) of her home, evidence later showing from pools of blood she had lived on and staggered for a time before succumbing to her wounds.

In today’s case, we cover Irelands “longest-running active murder investigation in modern Irish history,” with more than 9,000 people interviewed, from 12 suspects to no suspects and a 22-year-old question left on unanswered, who is responsible for the brutal and senseless murder of Raonaid Murray.