The Disappearance of Andrew Gosden

Crime Obscene

Jul 15 2022 • 30 mins

It was the 14th of September 2007, and the sun was still very much alive in the UK, not yet succumbing to autumn’s bite. The Gosden family were all getting ready for the day ahead, the youngest of the family, Andrew, had a little more difficulty waking up than usual and his mother, Glenys, noticed he seemed irritable. Other from that, Andrew went about getting himself together for school and about 8 am was after leaving for the bus. He was observed by a family friend who had been sitting on a park bench not too far from the bus stop heading on his usual route. However, Andrew did not go to school that morning. Instead, Gosden went to an ATM, withdrew 200 pounds, returned home, changed from school uniform to a black Slipknot T shirt and black jeans and whisked his wallet, keys and PSP (PlayStation Portable) into a distinctive schoolbag that had a variety of rock and metal band patches on it. Andrew then left home, and this was the last time he was ever there again. In today’s bizarre case, we look at the 15 year long perplexing disappearance of Andrew Gosden. Sources