Must Have Accessories For Your New Car/Motorcycle | ThisConnect Ep 16


Mar 16 2023 • 46 mins

What are the essential accessories that you should think about when you're buying your new car of motorcycle? And which of the accessories on offer should you never even bother with? On Episode 16 of ThisConnect, our podcast, Kartikeya and Shumi talk about what they do, and what they absolutely can't see the point of.
00:00-01:53 Introduction?
01:54-03:58 Rust Coatings are BS
03:59-08:28  Polishes and Gloss Coatings
08:29-13:22 Motorcycle Grip Pads
13:23-14:47 Zero Depreciation Insurance
14:48-16:25 Branded Gear & Luggage
16:26-22:24 Crash Protection
22:25-23:30 Bull Bars
23:31-26:15 Music Systems
26:16-27:41 Window Rain Guards
27:42-29:12 Floor Mats
29:13-30:47 Seat Covers
30:48-31:28 Useless Accessories
31:29-32:55 USD Fork Seal Covers
32:56-36:14 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
36:15-37:24 Puncture Kit
37:25-40:15 Essential Vs Good To Have
40:16-41:07 Radiator Guards
41:08-41:53 Portable Vacuum Cleaner
41:54-42:45 Annual Detail
42:46-43:58 The BS Accessories
43:59-46:16 Closing Comments

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