028 with Dean Wegner - It's Who You Know, Not What...

Veteran Wealth Secrets

May 4 2021 • 23 mins

Let us celebrate patriotism with Dean Wegner, the Founder & CEO of Authentically American, a Veteran owned, American-made premium apparel brand, who believes in the American worker, and honors our American heroes. Prescribed to the theory of  “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:05- Dean Wegner's life and incredible experiences
  • 03:24- Why be an entrepreneur?
  • 04:51- Authentically American mission and passion for job creation
  • 05:35- Do veterans well suited to be an entrepreneur?
  • 07:20- Dean’s Mantra of “It's not what you know, it’s who you know”
  • 09:37- What works in networking to grow your brand?
  • 15:00- Traditional marketing strategy and leveraging social media platforms
  • 16:30- Dean's personal and professional vision three years from now
  • 17:35- Sweat-activated print innovation of Authentically American T-shirt

Key Points:

  1. Entrepreneurship is not for everybody in the military because a business will start on a blank sheet of paper, so it's not for someone who relies on SOP or structures.
  2. To be successful in entrepreneurship, you have to put planning, discipline in a different context, use creative thinking and problem-solving together.
  3. Invest in people and relationships, because success in this modern economy is not about what you know, but it’s who you know.


  • “You'll have incredible experiences out there, but why not go on your own? It boils down to an opportunity to create jobs, an opportunity to make a difference,  and ultimately an opportunity to leave a legacy.” - Dean Wegner
  • “Networking implies more about the relationship, the key is not just investing with people, but it's the follow-up after.”- Dean Wegner
  • “Ultimately, a few years from now, people will recognize our brand with the incredible product experience they'll have.”- Dean Wegner

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