038 with William Randolph - Observe, Assess and Adapt

Veteran Wealth Secrets

Jul 6 2021 • 25 mins

William Randolph is the Founder/CEO, THINK Acquisition and a US Navy veteran (1988-1993). Let's dive a little bit deeper into the ability to observe, assess, adapt, and overcome to help veterans build the skill sets needed in the private world.

Episode Highlights:

  • 01:39- William Randolph life story
  • 07:11- The ability to observe, assess, adapt, and overcome.
  • 09:14- The Unity of Command concept
  • 14:20- What is Think Acquisition and who does it helps.
  • 21:38- William Randolph's  meaningful advice

Key Points:

  1. Change the intentionality on what you are doing to build the skillsets that you need in the private industry
  2. Be prepared for the move , get all your blocks and build upon them.
  3. Start small, get in, become someone that people like, know and trust, and then grow your business from there.


  • “Once you get to halfway point of your career, you start to think about what's next, and those assignments were very intentional to line up the skill sets to be successful in the private industry”-William Randolph
  • “For our fellow veterans who are transitioning from the military, never leave your blocks behind. Keep building them to build the skill sets that pay a huge dividend in the marketplace.”-William Randolph
  • “You don't always have all of the gear and equipment you need to be successful, but the most important gear you can have is your mind and how you prepare your mind.” -William Randolph
  • “The world will split you, will chew you, and spit you out if you don't take advantage and take control of your life. “- William Randolph

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