034 with Ronaldo Linares – Private Chef

Veteran Wealth Secrets

May 10 2021 • 34 mins

"Silencing your inner critic is one of the toughest things to do, but once you get a hold of it life/business will run a lot smoother."-Private Chef Ronaldo Linares.

He works as a private chef  in the New Jersey area providing clients with gourmet meals that are healthy, makes them feel great, and aids in their life development.

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:01- The unique journey of Ronaldo Linares to U.S Marine
  • 08:20- What is the American dream mean to Ronaldo
  • 10:55- The C-H-E-F concept (Career, Health, Education, and Family)
  • 14:25- Silencing the inner critic
  • 18:07- Turning inner-critic into your friend
  • 26:06- Becoming great at any business with servant leadership
  • 28:52- What do the next three years look like for Ronaldo?

Key Points:

  1. The American dream is living a life on your terms
  2. Start silencing your inner critic by finding people who are already doing it to gain wisdom.
  3. Take control of your inner critic and turn it into inner-motivator to help you keep going


  • “American dream for me is being able to live your life on your terms, stop doing things for other people.“- Ronaldo Linares
  • “As soon as your start taking control of that inner critic, you start developing that muscle memory, you start developing that habit and turn it into an inner motivator.”- Ronaldo Linares
  • “The civilian world is different, you have to speak differently, but it doesn't mean you cannot implement that leadership tactic from the military”- Ronaldo Linares

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