5 Updates From the Property Market

The Property Nomads Podcast

May 3 2020 • 9 mins

Rob is sharing some updates from the Property market in this unprecedented time of a global pandemic. The information is both predictable in some areas and unexpected in others.

Rob explains both the expected and unexpected in this episode because it’s all about understanding what’s behind the headline, listen in for some great content.

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  1. Demand from new prospective renters has hit the highest recorded level for February – More people are shifting towards renting.
  2. Rents are continuing to increase year on year - If you are running a property business and your basic costs are increasing then this will need to be passed on.
  3. Number of landlords selling buy to let properties has risen – A combination of factors with increased barriers for landlords.
  4. A 2% increase in the number of late rental payments - People who are furloughed are not going out.
  5. Average monthly rents across the UK  have only increased by an average of only 7.5% during the second quarter of the year – Increases in rent will be over a longer period.


If property is all you’ve got then to negate the changes in your bottom line the cost will be passed on’

‘More people are shifting towards renting’

‘The population will continue to increase in our lifetime’


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