3. Two Spies Living Lies

SNAFU with Ed Helms

Oct 19 2022 • 43 mins

Tension mounts as Reagan's aggression deepens Andropov's paranoia. Surely, an attack from the West is imminent! Meet Oleg Gordievsky and Rainier Rupp, two spies whose loyalties aren't what they seem. These super secret agents scour the earth for signs of impending doom, but they have no idea that they're about to be embroiled in utter disaster. Produced by FilmNation and Pacific Electric Picture Co. in association with Gilded Audio.

Correction: This episode incorrectly states that Operation Barbarossa began the Soviet Union’s entanglement with World War II. Operation Barbarossa brought the fighting to Soviet soil. However, the Soviets had long been colluding with Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Red Army had themselves invaded Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland prior to Operation Barbarossa. We regret the error, not least because this falsity is a particular piece of propaganda emanating from Putin’s Kremlin.

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