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Ever get so hung up in the details that you just quit putting effort into the social media for your small business all together!? Then this is just the relatable road map you were looking for! Join Sara Jane and she takes a realistic and relatable approach to answering your questions about all things Social Media as it relates to your small business. We will have different small business owners and entrepreneurs from all types of industries and all stages of the business growing process stop by to share their stories of success and struggle while we break down how they worked through those continue to thrive on the journey of business ownership. We will also share weekly tools and easy to apply tips that you can utilize like a workshop guideline for your small business. Be sure to come along on this fun new journey and be sure to let us know if there is anything you're looking forward to learning along the way!

Imposter Syndrome In Your Small Business
Imposter Syndrome In Your Small Business
Have you ever stopped yourself from posting on your social media accounts because you felt like a fraud?Have you ever been so overwhelmed with other peoples opinions about you and your small business that you found yourself stuck or stalled from growing your business or brand?Today I sit down with Ariana & Brenna from Ego Beauty & Wellness in Modesto, California to talk about the correlation between small businesses that are trying to show up authentically on social media and the imposter syndrome that often times keeps them from reaching their full potential, and then finally, how to overcome and work through those feelings that come with disorder that so many entrepreneurs  face every day. More About Ego Beauty & Wellness: about Jane Media Services & Social Media For Small Business by Sara Jane:I have created this Podcast for other entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for a real life guide or sounding board for how they can show up authentically on social media in a way that will help to market and grown their business.In this episode, we cover several key topics including,What is Imposter Syndrome and how does it affect small businesses and their presence on social media?How to cope with the feelings of insecurity while still sharing about your business with your community?Who is affected by this and why?What can be done to grow from those feelings and thrive while living with them.For future updates or to connect and be SOCIAL on Social Media, feel free to reach out any time with questions or feedback on these episodes!info@janemediaservices.com learn more about the events mentioned in this podcast feel free to reach out to Ego Beauty & Wellness on their social pages listed above or give them a call directly Monday-Friday.And if you want more tips and guidance, sign up to our weekly newsletter at