How to automate your Amazon FBA business

SellerSPEAK With Successful Amazon Sellers

Dec 16 2022 • 27 mins

Many sellers yearn for more hours in the day, but how do you streamline your business to reclaim that crucial extra time?

Gianmarco Meli thinks the answer to this critical question is SOPs.

🔹Meet the Speaker: Gianmarco Meli, Founder & Host, of The Seller Process

Gianmarco is an Amazon seller who started his e-commerce journey in Shanghai where he launched an online platform backed by venture capital fund SOSV. He is also the host of The Seller Process. This weekly podcast aims to empower Amazon sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs with the right systems and SOPs to accomplish more in their business with less time and effort.

In the 6th episode of SellerSpeak, he provides Amazon FBA sellers with a roadmap on how to use SOPs to turn their businesses into well-oiled machines.  He discusses how applying SOPs may assist sellers in increasing their overall efficiency, from product development to inventory management to recruiting new employees.

He also covers the importance of SOPs in scaling your business to 7 figures, deconstructs various types of SOPs, and shows how to establish systems and procedures specific to your business.