Navigating Breakups (Ep. 33)

Born to Thrive Podcast

10-11-2021 • 18 mins

For those whose hearts are currently breaking or mending, this episode is for you. I haven't been the best in the past at dealing with breakups so I've learned what not to do. It never gets easy but can get easier and that's what I want to share in this episode. I'll talk about why you should handle the feelings, why you should date yourself, a powerful technique I learned from Mel Robbins, and much more!

Time Stamps:

(0:11) Dealing with Breakups

(2:58) Focusing on You for You

(3:14) Handling the Feelings

(4:00) Free Guide

(6:30) Dating Yourself

(11:12) Distancing Yourself

(11:55) Mel Robbins Technique

(13:50) Be Patient

(15:38) Closure


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