Cecille Ahrens LCSW Shows Up For Coronavirus

Showing Up With Asher Gottesman

Mar 31 2020 • 51 mins

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our lives. But that doesn’t mean we can’t cope. Cecille Ahrens, LCSW, CEAP, and host of the podcast and radio show Get Mental, joins us for this special episode. From actionable steps to how we can center ourselves, the power of choice, creating structure and routine— she shares how we can take care of ourselves during this and any other challenging time.

We also talk about how most (if not all) psychological practices are now using telemedicine to work with patients while observing social distancing. She discusses this change from both the provider and the patient’s perspective.

We also discuss her background as a child in the Philippines, witnessing great suffering and poverty, and what drew Cecille to her profession, as well as EMDR, fear, medication, mindfulness and how we all can show up for ourselves right now.

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