#86 Give 'Em a Lift - Darrell Bucholz, Affordable Tow

felony inc podcast

Jan 8 2020 • 47 mins

Darrell Buchholz started his prison career early, pre-18 years old. Intrigued by learning more about crime from other criminals, he got right back into the same cycle after serving his sentence. To feed his habit of getting high, random burglaries were his routine until, of course, he got caught again. Then 10 years in the Federal system woke him up. He had a family at that time and decided he wanted a career that gave back to the community and provide a living for his family. His brother suggested he get a tow truck, offer lower-cost tows to the blue collar people who didn't have a lot of money. Since those were many of the people Darrell had targeted in his burglaries, is seemed a natural way to give back. Felony Inc Podcast with your host Mark Gailey We record the Felony Inc Podcast inside NedSpace in the Bigfoot Podcast Studio in beautiful downtown Portland. Audio engineer, mixer and podcast editor is Allon Beausoleil Show logo was designed by Carolyn Main Website was designed by Cameron Grimes Production assistant is Chelsea Lancaster Theme music "Free" written and recorded by Dave Dahl, all rights reserved, motherfuckers This weeks podcast brought to you in part by soap-on-a-rope, when you don't want to drop stuff Felony Inc Podcast supports City Central Concern at centralcityconcern.org 10% of gross revenue at Startup Radio Network goes to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries thru kiva.org/lender/markgrimes Listen to the Felony Inc Podcast live on-air every Friday at 10:00am pacific time on Startup Radio Network at startupradionetwork.com