Disruption in Surgical Care with Dr. Sanjay Prasad, Founder & CEO of SurgiQuality

Funding & Disrupting

22-09-2021 • 22 mins

This week’s episode of Funding & Disrupting presented by Oura Collective welcomes Sanjay Prasad. He is a brilliant surgeon with over 30 years of experience and the Founder & CEO of SurgiQuality. Sanjay is also an Assistant Professor at George Washington University and an Author. With so much experience and expertise, Sanjay always looks for ways to achieve more than himself. Keith interviews Sanjay to know more about his unique healthcare platform named SurgiQuality.

What led to the idea of SurgiQuality?

In the interview, Keith asks Sanjay about his observations in regards to surgeries these days. Sanjay candidly shares how most people are not much aware of the right surgeries. He talks about how people undergo some surgeries that they never needed. Also, some people connect to surgeons who rarely offer the best outcomes. All such problems of patients develop complications, and they may need even more surgeries. Sanjay feels that the healthcare sector needs more accountability today. Did you know 15-25% of surgical procedures performed today are unnecessary?

Sanjay felt the quality of work was missing. He thought, “How do patients get to the right surgeon who has the best outcomes?” and it is where the idea of SurgiQuality came.

How SurgiQuality works?

To get a deeper insight into the platform, Keith asks Sanjay about the primary problems that SurgiQuality solves. Sanjay shares that the prime problem SurgiQuality disrupts and improves drastically is getting referrals from primary-care physicians to surgeons. Most of the time, primary doctors do not have the best information about the surgeons. It is where SurgiQuality helps primary doctors with referrals.

Sanjay elaborates how SurgiQuality works. And according to Sanjay, everyone wins with the use of SurgiQuality. Patients get the best surgeons, and the quality of surgery improves. The surgeons get the patients in their area of interest and expertise. Moreover, primary doctors can give better referrals. So, it is a win-win for all.

How did the funding process go?

In the next segment, Keith asks Sanjay about the partnerships and the funding method followed by SurgiQuality. Sanjay shares that SurgiQuality has partnered with over 30,000 surgeons in 50 states. They have contacts with 300 surgery centers and hospitals.

Talking about funding, Sanjay shares how he started the idea in 2014 with a small team of people. He also mentions how he invested heavily into it. Today, SurgiQuality is in series A-round raising 5 million for sales, marketing and customized technology for SurgiQuality.

Sanjay also talks about what they look for in an ideal investor. He also talks about partnering with VC firms that bring contracts and connections.

Sanjay Also Provides Life-changing Advises for Patients & Professionals

Story Notes:

  • What motivates Sanjay?
  • Experience & observations in surgeries
  • Problems solved by SurgiQuality
  • Who can benefit?
  • Partnerships & Funding
  • Advice for transforming healthcare

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