Dr. Melody Lang of MPA Learning Fund and Vivi Friedgut of Blackbullion

Funding & Disrupting

30-11-2022 • 44 mins

This episode marks an exciting milestone for Funding and Disrupting with our very first interview of both a female VC Firm Founder and a female Tech Company Founder. Our VC firm guest is Dr. Melody Lang, the Founder of the MPA Learning Fund, and our Tech Company Founder is Vivi Friedgut, the CEO & Founder of Blackbullion.

  • Introductions to MPA and Blackbullion
  • A look into Dr. Melody Lang’s background and what makes her a unique investor
  • What differentiates MPA Learning Fund
  • How Vivi and Melody met and their experience working together
  • What excited Melody about Vivi’s vision
  • How Blackbullion is turning learning into action
  • Due diligence from Blackbullion’s and MPA’s Perspective
  • Vivi’s advice to other entrepreneurs
  • How MPA is working with Vivi to support her vision
  • Melody’s advice to women entering the venture capital space
  • Vivi's advice to other female tech founders considering partnering with a VC firm

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