Early-stage investing and international expansion with Daniel Ibri of Mindset Ventures

Funding & Disrupting

16-11-2022 • 34 mins

This week’s episode of Funding & Disrupting presented by Oura Collective welcomes Daniel Ibri, the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Mindset Ventures. He discusses what lead him to create the firm, the unique benefits, and challenges of being an international investment group, and talks through Mindset's relationship with PayJoy.

Story Notes

  • What lead Daniel to create Mindset Ventures
  • Mindsets operation structure
  • The firm's current and past funding rounds
  • What is PayJoy
  • How Daniel and Mindset got involved with PayJoy
  • How Mindset adds value to international parents entering Brazillian markets
  • Challenges of early-stage investing

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