Introducing... TJ!

One Mic Real Talk

07-06-2021 • 25 mins

Come on now... It's hard to describe our man TJ, he always rolls through with true knowledge and wisdom. In this episodes he discusses how he stays grounded, despite being faced with multiple challenges in life. He speaks with a great depth of understanding of the human psyche and always brings a certain vibration into the lab with him. This man has got bare wisdom, and you are lucky enough to have him feature on more episodes to come, discussing faith, belief systems and survival. Interviewed by our finest hosts, DJ Fred and Osaro1st in this episode, he talks about how he got through his early days as a teenager in London. Also, there is a little surprise treat he gives us at the end so make sure you stay tuned! Enjoy the introducing episode of One Mic Real Talk, TJ!

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