SPECIAL: Art Against Knives x Young Advocates with the Alliance for Youth Justice

One Mic Real Talk

18-10-2021 • 26 mins

ALERTA ALERTA This week's episode is a special one!

Recently the Art Against Knives crew hosted some Young Advocates from The Alliance for Youth Justice in collaboration with Leaders Unlocked. Over the course of the last year the Alliance for Youth Justice have supported these young leaders to conduct research into some of the experiences young people and young adults have of police and the Criminal Justice System, root causes of youth violence and what drives it. This is the second instalment of a three part series, focusing on stereotyping and the impact that has had on some of the crew at AAK. This episode is a flip from our usual format, and sees the young advocates asking the questions of the One Mic Real Talk mandem. This was a lively and passionate discussion that lasted over 3 hours, and so it's been a job cutting it down for our first instalment. Make sure you give this episode a listen for some amazing insight and thoughtful reflection on society today, and the impact of it on young people.

Enjoy, part 2 of 3 of One Mic Real Talk: Art Against Knives meet... Leaders Unlocked

Check out Leaders Unlocked here: http://leaders-unlocked.org/who-we-are/

Check out the Alliance for Youth Justice here: https://www.ayj.org.uk/

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