One Mic Real Talk x The London Recruits

One Mic Real Talk

24-01-2022 • 44 mins

This is the second installment our our amazing collaboration with The Anti-Apartheid Legacy, and another extremely special episode, with our two esteemed hosts Osaro1st and DJ Fred interviewing two more stalwarts of the Anti-Apartheid movement, Bob Newland and Peter from the group called The London Recruits. They were both heavily involved in the UK arm of resistance to apartheid in South Africa, smuggling weapons, explosives, leaflets and information about the ANC into South Africa.

These two are both extremely inspiring activists and it was an honour to have them on the podcast. Huge thanks to both them and to Caroline from the Anti-Apartheid Legacy, who set this interview up. The Anti-Apartheid Legacy is a project which seeks to educate young people today on the history of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, and has created a Centre for Memory and Learning in the old headquarters of the African National Congress in Islington. Please take the time to check out the amazing work they do!


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We need a minimum of £80k to ensure we can keep our space open 3 days a week with the specialist staff team in place to effectively support young people. Our ambition however, is to have it open 5 days a week, this would cost us £145k. We’re on a mission to secure this by February 2022, and we need your help.


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