Dutchavelli and Nature vs Nurture

One Mic Real Talk

21-06-2021 • 24 mins

This week is hosted by the greatest pairing out there, DJ Fred and Osaro1st are back again!

CW: This episode contains discussion of sexual violence, paedophilia and abuse. Please take care if you choose to listen to this episode.

This episode is extremely thought provoking and poses some incredible hard question questions. DJ Fred and Osaro1st tackle the difficult subject of the allegations made against Dutchavelli, and more broadly why people engage in sexual acts towards children, or young people. They discuss whether people are like they are because of their environment or whether people are innately a certain way, pre-determined before they are born. They hold this conversation with the upmost respect and sensitivity it deserves, while exploring subject which is rarely confronted with such honesty and candour. This episode also has a quick surprise appearance from producer Jake Lake as well.

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