Representation Matters (Education Part 2)

One Mic Real Talk

02-08-2021 • 25 mins

This week we continue our series on education, discussing representation in school. Osaro1st gives us insights into the differences between the education system here and in Nigeria. Why is it that teachers at the schools that our hosts went to did not look like or have the same experiences as them? Is representation the most important thing to transform our education system, or does the whole curriculum, how and what we are taught, need to be revolutionised? This episodes answers these questions and puts the education system in the historical context in which it exists.

This episode is hosted by the inimitable DJ Fred, Osaro1st, and for their first appearance on One Mic Real Talk, is our wonderful Alex! Large up yourselves everyone and enjoy the second part of our education series, Representation Matters?!?

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