Hypo: In Memory

One Mic Real Talk

28-11-2022 • 1 hr 16 mins


After a short hiatus for the summer we are back with SEASON 2 OF ONE MIC REAL TALK!!!! And this season is even better than the last!!!

In this episode we talk about the recent murder of Hypo, the life he lived, Mashtown, the work he and others did to inspire the younger generation to step away from gang life and much more. This episode gets deep and we discuss some sensitive topics, but these are the ones that are so important to listen to, as the team get into the realities of the world around them and how difficult it can be to navigate, even when you think you've got out of the life. Our man DJ Fred leads the discussion on the life and times of Hypo, and discusses the continuous battle we face as a society and as a community, of violent crime. This episode doesn't pull any punches, and asks difficult questions. not only do we talk about the context and circumstance surrounding Hypo's murder, but we talk about gang life life over the last few decades and the situation on the streets at the moment. This one hit different, and most of all Rest In Peace to all who have lost their lives out here, and love to all the family and friends of those taken too early.

Sit back and enjoy, Hypo: In Memory

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