The Preschool SLP

Kelly Vess, MA, CCC-SLP

Are you an agent of change? Looking to create real, life-long change in your work and in yourself? Ready to turn your visions into reality? Looking to work smarter, not harder—and have lots of fun along the way? Every Thursday, join international author, researcher, and speaker Kelly Vess to put only the best research to work. Kelly covers effective, practical strategies for children AND therapists to thrive. You are a miracle. Your time here is short. Let’s make the most of it. Follow Kelly @KellyVessSLP on Instagram for daily inspiration. Subscribe to The Preschool SLP podcast and make sure to share the show. Have a question or topic you’d like to see on the show, contact Kelly at For more support on learning the effective 'how-to's' in treating the whole child, check out Kelly's book "Speech Sound Disorders: Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment" at Amazon and major booksellers internationally. read less