S02 E01: Building the Foundation of Alternative Protein

Feeding 10 Billion

23-06-2020 • 1 min

Season 1 of Feeding 10 Billion launched in a banner year for alt-protein. In 2019, Beyond Meat had its record-setting IPO, Impossible Foods raised $300 million in its Series E and overall, more than $800 million was invested globally in companies making meat, eggs, and dairy from plants, cells and fermented ingredients. We witnessed the spark that fuels the food revolution play out in real-time, as we were airing Season 1. On the first episode of Season 2, we are talking to someone, who was essential in laying the groundwork for the sector, whose vision helped fuel important scientific conversations, essential policy frameworks and tectonic industry shifts that have led us to where we are in the global alt-protein sector. Join hosts Varun Deshpande and Ramya Ramamurthy of the Good Food Institute India as they talk to GFI U.S. Executive Director and co-founder Bruce Friedrich about why we do what we do, and how food can fix some of the biggest problems of the world.

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Companies Mentioned:

Plant-based food companies:

Beyond Meat

Impossible Foods


Cultivated meat companies:

Memphis Meats


Future of Food, Bill Gates

Beyond Meat’s Chicken Strips Came First, CNBC

Can a burger help solve Climate Change? New Yorker

Amid rising demand for Beyond Meat burgers, US farmers can’t solve this supply problem, MarketWatch

Built on MU Professors research [into high moisture extrusion of fibrous meat analog], [Beyond Meat’s] meatless burger sells out. University of Missouri

New Brazilian Startup Fazenda Future Announces Plant-Based Burger, GFI Blog

Memphis Meats' $169 Million Series B is a Turning Point for the Meat Industry, GFI Blog

Beyond Meat Goes Public, Raises $241 Million, GFI Blog

GFI Goes to Court for First Amendment, GFI Blog

TED Talks:

The next global agricultural revolution | Bruce Friedrich

Meat Without Animals: The Future Of Food | Bruce Friedrich | TEDxGateway

Market Forces and Food Technology Will Save the World | Bruce Friedrich | TEDxSonomaCounty

From Agitator to Innovator: Why I Swapped Activism for Food Tech | Bruce Friedrich | TEDxBethesda

Meat is the New Mobile - Leapfrogging our Way to the Future of Food | Varun Deshpande | TEDxKITCoEK

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