Voice Of Empowerment: A Conversation With Riya Sokol, Artist, Mentor And Speaker

Self Talk Show

Aug 11 2023 • 39 mins

Join host Meetali Ohri on SELF TALK SHOW as she engages in an enlightening conversation with Riya Sokol, a dynamic artist, mentor, speaker, and tantric coach. In this episode, Riya unveils the story behind her viral video "Thank you, coronavirus" and shares how she guides individuals to surpass constraints, conquer challenges, and awaken their potential.

Explore Riya's unique insights and her vision for the future. Get ready to embrace transformation, tap into your latent abilities, and embark on a journey towards empowerment. Don't miss this episode that ignites change and propels personal growth.

Thank you RelaxingTime From Pixabay for the background music.

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