You Must Know Everything

Jeremy N. Smith and Rasa Smith

A parent-child podcast about all the stuff they don’t quite ever get to at school. Topics range from making scrambled eggs to achieving savoir faire, assessing a personal crisis to how to be twice as good at anything. We also talk through a poem together and answer a vexing question. Hosted by journalist Jeremy N. Smith and fourth grader Rasa Smith.

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Introducing...You Must Know Everything
Time Out!122. Cube!121. Commenting!120. Blame!119. Legs!118. Corner!117. Plateau!116. Angry!115. One!114. Sleep!113. Subjunctive!112. Magic!111. Average!110. Yes!You Must Know Everything...Animated!Summer Break Announcement109. Shelves!108. Alone!107. Expectations!106. Punishment!