Gin Gan Goolie

Don Woods

Oct 3 2014 • 0 seconds

The song I’ve sent you this week is one I composed and produced in the 80s for the Scout Movement….”Scouts of The World”....As you know the scouts began in Birkenhead in 1908 by Baden Powell… I was again a bit taken aback by our wonderful legal system….Dave Lee Travis…who was cleared of 11 out of 12 sexual assault cases was found guilty of one INDECENT assault … On a similar note Stella McCartney has upset the feminist brigade by saying girls should be gentle and show their frailty instead of trying to prove they are just as good as any man… Last week we were discussing postal scams where people were told they have won a fortune and letting their greed get in the way of their better judgement…WELL…believe it or not I got one of these letters THIS WEEK… I watched a drama on the tele about a guy called Neil Baldwin who suffered with learning difficulties….it was a true story of how this guy dealt with the problem…amongst his many strange adventures he approached Stoke City FC and asked Lou Macari if he needed help…