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Awaken Ascension Radio Podcast is meant to help you stay inspired! We are bringing you high vibrational content to power your conscious and subconscious mind with the best manifestation + mindset tools from the best experts and your host, Sherilyn Bridget Avalon Las Vegas’s resident dimension roamer, who is zig-zagging the spirit world bringing you weekly travel stories, and podcasts from her books and Spiritual Life.

Our goal is to help you get into alignment and to attract abundance and Love. Our mission is to help you learn to empower yourself, to expand your mind, and learn how to reflect the thoughts of angels, step into the driver seat of your evolution, and make your Life amazing.

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Episode 10 -  2020 - A Change in Vibration
Sep 10 2020
Episode 10 - 2020 - A Change in Vibration
How to get out of depression thoughts. Depression will change our vibration.Achieving a relaxed state.The goal of this exercise is based on basic preparation for going into relaxation. We want you to feel relaxing, easy, and joyful.Preparation pick a time when you will be undisturbed for at least 10 minutes next line turn off the phone if other people live in the house let them know that you want to be left alone and close the door it’s amazing how a peaceful meditative state can attract children and Pete people who suddenly want to talk to you. Create an enjoyable soothing environment around you wear loose clothing is important to feel comfortable pick a time when you feel Wide-awake. If you have just eat eaten or you were tired wait until later. Put on some soothing gentle calming music.Steps one, find a comfortable sitting position either on a chair or on the floor, which you can easily hold for 10 to 15 minutes. To close your eyes and begin breathing calmly and slowly taking about 20 slow rhythmic press to connect connected breaths into your upper chest. Three let all your concerns go imagine them vanishing every time I thought comes up imagine it on a blackboard then effortlessly erase it. Or imagine putting each thought into a bubble that floats away. Relax your body feel yourself grocery run, calm, and tranquil and your imagination travels through your body relax in each part. Mentally relax your feet legs thighs stomach chest arms around shoulders neck head and face that your job is slightly open and relax the muscles around your eyes. Five put a bubble of white light around you imagine it’s size shape and brightness play with making it larger and smaller until it feels just right. Six when you’re calm and relaxed and ready to return bring your attention slowly back into the room saver and enjoy the stateOf calm and peace. Seven evaluation if you feel more calm and relaxed and normal not how you imagined others to feel but for you and for then proceed to the next exercise holding a focus and concentration.