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Ep 4 - Conversation with Xian: The Unusual Combination of Music, Risk Management & Education
Aug 26 2023
Ep 4 - Conversation with Xian: The Unusual Combination of Music, Risk Management & Education
🌟 Join us for an insightful episode as we embark on the journey of Xian, an early career educator with a unique background and a sincere passion for nurturing young minds. 📚 Xian's story weaves together threads of music, risk management, and a commitment to education since she was in primary school. As she embraces her role in the classroom, she brings a fresh perspective and a willingness to learn and grow. Tune in as we explore her transition into the field of education and the insights she's gained along the way. 🔍 With admirable humility, Xian reflects on her experiences, acknowledging both the triumphs and challenges she's encountered as a newcomer to the world of education. As she takes her first steps on this path, we'll discuss her journey, the lessons she's learned, and the connections she's already fostered with her students. 💡 In our conversation, Xian shares her thoughts on her teaching experiences, life in consulting, and navigating a career pivot. We'll delve into her exploration of attachment styles in psychology and how they affect how we show up in relationships and at work. 🎉 Celebrating moments of growth and progress, we'll gain a deeper understanding of Xian's personal journey within the education sector. Her aspirations for the future and her advice for fellow early career educators provide a grounded perspective that resonates with listeners at all stages of their careers. 🔊 This episode of "The Zhen Way" is an opportunity to connect with the genuine experiences of an educator who is just beginning to leave her mark. Whether you're navigating your own educational journey or simply curious about the path Xian is carving, you'll find relatable stories, thoughtful insights, and a genuine commitment to the art of teaching. 🎧 Through her reflections and experiences, we gain a glimpse into the rewards and challenges of an early career educator, reminding us that the journey of learning and growth is one that we all share.