Her Confidence Her Way |制限を手放してLimitlessに生きる女性のストーリー

Emiko Rasmussen

Welcome to Her Confidence Her Way Podcast Hello Beautiful Souls, I'm here to transform your life from inside out and expand your soul aligned business. 型にはめて小さく生きるのではなく、自分にアラインした働き方、スタイル、方法で、自分の豊かさ、心の豊かさ、経済の豊かさをしっかりと保ちながらSoul Aligned Businessを継続をしていきたいSoul Led leadersのためのポッドキャストです。 数や同業者に惑わされないSoul Workをクリエイトして心のヘルシーさを保っていきたい? 追われるような焦るような生き方から、自分にしっくりくる余裕のある生き方で あなたのSOULの光を最大限に広げていきたい? 愛+豊+ピースが溢れるlife longビジネス&ブランドを育むために ヒューマンデザイン、マインドセットワーク、エネルギーワークそしてビジネス戦略を ブレンドしたアプローチであなたをガイドしていきます。 Stop choosing an average. It's time to chose YOU! Light up your soul and live with your alignment. This show is for Japanese women who are ready transform her life from inside out and live an abundant life. If you know you are meant for more and you are NOT here to settle nor play small, then this podcast is for you. You will be guided to be do have any thing your soul desire unlock your next level version of you. This show is all about activating your inner power, blending your empowered feminine and masculine energy and hold your wealth with ease. My secret success to have a mindful and sustainable soul aligned business is very simple! Consistency + Repetition + Commitment with potency. You are about to be empowered, evolved and expanded. Are you ready to go all in and grow from the depth within, Let's go. *This is an English/Japanese Bilingual podcast. read less