News & Updates: May 2023

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast: Entrepreneur Tales

May 30 2023 • 44 mins

We discuss a range of topics from technical problem-solving to the impact of AI and automation. We explore how to enhance your ecommerce business with alternative strategies such as live shopping, and Shopify's new performance-boosting URL change. We also dive into the use of Chat GPT for writing and the importance of domain names in the present-day landscape. Tune in to gain insights on how to improve your online store and stay up-to-date with the latest ecommerce trends.

[00:04:46] Exploring the relevance domain names
[00:15:00] Shopify Changing URL Strategy for Faster Loading
[00:21:53] ChatGPT struggles to accurately determine month-end dates
[00:25:47] Uncovering the Syntax of ChatGPT
[00:31:57] Facebook's New Shopping Rules
[00:37:18] Unconventional E-commerce Strategies

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