Mastering Kickstarter for Product Launches

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast: Entrepreneur Tales

Jun 20 2023 • 43 mins

Delve into the world of Kickstarter and learn how Shopify merchants can use it to launch products and build an audience. Khierstyn Ross, Chief Brand Builder at Launch and Scale, joins us to explain...


[00:03:40] Kickstarter: Crowdfunding for new product inventory.

[00:07:06] Knockoffs are a real online threat.

[00:12:49] Kickstarter helps launch and boost audience reach.

[00:16:50] Storytelling justifies crowdfunding to existing customers.

[00:19:43] Pre-launch: build audience for Kickstarter success.

[00:23:33] Paid ads lead to qualified email list. VIP funnel.

[00:27:36] Preparing for launch by herding customers.

[00:33:41] Over communicate to avoid Kickstarter campaign errors.

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