Can Cashback Rewards Save Ecommerce from Discount Addiction?

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast: Tales of eCommerce Entrepreneurship

Dec 27 2022 • 38 mins

Here's how I shop from a new brand. I see an ad on Facebook, I click through, if the site is on Shopify and looks legit, maybe I'll buy. When I do buy, I'm going to wait until I'm on my desktop so that I can use a browser extension to painlessly check for coupon codes and apply the best one. Every single time. The bigger the discount, the bigger the dopamine hit, the more likely I am to buy. That's the truth.

I can only do this because I know brands are just as addicted to coupon codes as Iam.

We're joined by Oren Charnoff, Cofounder and CEO, at Fondue based in Tel Aviv.

Fondue just raised $11m to replace every coupon code with CashBack.

Prior to cofounding Fondue, Oren was on the founding team at Hanaco Ventures, a now $1.5B VC fund based in TLV and NY.

Oren is a long time listener, first time caller into the podcast!

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