EPISODE 187 - You Wouldn't Get It

The Enginerdy Show

18-09-2016 • 0 seconds

This week on The Enginerdy Show, Mr. Pold gets inside jokes, St. Jimmy goes looking for an asteroid, and D'Viddy gets crafty on Minecraft. Consumption: Mr. Pold - Supergirl, Robot Overlords, Dark Matter, Obsessed, Jeff Foxworthy St. Jimmy - Batman Begins, Oceans 11, The Finest Hours, MAVS, Brew and View, Passers-by D'Viddy - Star Trek Beyond, College Football, NFL Music Provided By: Greg Gibbs / Most Guitars Are Made of Trees A la Mode / To the Wind Black Flamingo / Places Eyelids / Bound to Let You Down The Blessed Cassettes / Coin-Operated The Copycuts / Soul Rising The Dirty Moogs / Tight Tight Pants