Coming April 2021: The Wild Years: 1920's Paris and the Lost Generation

The Wild Years

Jan 20 2021 • 1 min

The world was broken. They put it together in a whole new way.

They’d lived through the most destructive war in history. They’d survived a global pandemic. They’d watched the old guard face the challenges of a new age. They’d seen it fail.

While the rest of the world tried to return to normal, the brightest young minds of their generation rejected the past and determined to start over. Art, literature, music, life, love, sex, drugs, politics—everything needed to be questioned, challenged, remade.

A hundred years ago, they put the past in its place. They left behind the world they’d grown up in to create a world they could believe in.

In the 1920’s, they went to Paris.

Introducing The Wild Years, A weekly podcast about the writers, artists, poets, composers, filmmakers, socialites,  celebrities, misfits and radicals who invented the modern world.