Step Onto Your Own Wisdom Path

John Bernstein

My very first revelation, realization as given to me on the wisdom path was that everyone is born with Spirit as a part of who they are. We humans ARE Spirit having a human EXPERIENCE. This episode encourages you to take a look within and connect with the Spirit you are. read less


Have You Ever Seen Your Own Aura?
Oct 24 2022
Have You Ever Seen Your Own Aura?
Have you ever seen the light emanating from your own body, otherwise known as your aura, that is, with your physical eyes? In today's podcast, I talk about how, as a child of four or five, I was able (and still am) to see my own aura and the aura of everything. I came to understand that everything emanates light. As a child, I thought nothing of seeing the auras of everything because I thought it was the way things were and that everyone could see auras but just never talked about it. As I got older, I realized that very few people could see this electromagnetic energy. I bring this up because I believe we all have the capacity to see this energy and the reason most people don't is because they are not attuned to what I call the finer aspects of reality or you could say the more spiritual aspects of reality. It is just being attuned to Spirit and that's my point. Most people are not attuned to Spirit and spiritual reality because of religion, society and the debunked beliefs that see auras as somehow evil, blasphemous, dark, scary, weird, the devil, etc. Most people think that seeing things like auras means you're crazy. This is not true at all and I have found that being attuned to Spirit has helped my life in many positive ways from being happier to having more abundance in my life. You may wonder how being attuned to Spirit can make you happier. I talk about this.I share what being spiritual attuned is all about in this podcast and I hope that you gain more awareness from it. All the best.