P05 Do you feel like you’re overthinking and at the same time don’t know enough to get started?

Productive Introvert Community with Mariella Franker, PhD

04-07-2022 • 9 mins

Sidenote: Who has ever recorded something without hitting record? 😆

Sometimes, things don’t go exactly according to plan, like when I was recording this episode and forgot to press record… But you dust yourself off, have a good laugh at yourself, and just try again 😊

In this episode, I talk about those little disclaimers we sometimes make, like:

“[I can tell you 1000s of details] *but I’m really not an expert*”


“*I don’t really know that much about it* [but here’s exactly how this process goes from A-Z]”

Do you ever catch yourself doing that?

When I started this pre-podcast series, I’d been working up to it for about a year. Still, to my innie mind I still classified it as "I’ve done some research" (I literally said this in the first episode).

So, let’s talk about this classic innie complain:

I don’t know enough to get started (and at the same time I overthink things)

What you'll learn in this 10-minute episode

✅ A lot of innies tend to underplay things when they’re already halfway to being an expert

✅ What I’ve done to prepare for this podcast over the past year

✅ Why gently exploring is also taking action

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