The Royal Ties Podcast Trailer

The Royal Ties

Jul 28 2023 • 1 min

Welcome to the Royalties podcast. My name is Clarck Cadet, a k a Clarck, the financial coach, a proud husband, father, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to educating the community. And by community, I mean any and everyone who wants to become financially proficient. Through the Royalties podcast, I will be dropping gems biweekly to help you increase your credit score, eliminate those debts, and maximize your savings, bringing you real life situations and examples that you can relate to.

So that lack of clarity and direction when it comes to finances that we've all been through no longer exists. You can listen to full episodes on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. Plus you will get sneak peeks weekly on all of my social media platforms, especially Instagram at the Royalties podcast and at Clarck, the financial coach.

Music By artbigvee