033 Encouraging Curiosity (The ‘Happy Clappy‘ Soundbite)

Harnessing Happiness with Sarah J Naylor

04-02-2022 • 9 mins

Harnessing Happiness with Sarah J Naylor is an upbeat, energetic, and inspiring podcast filled with joy and laughter, wisdom, philosophies, and positive psychology.

Take 10 minutes to tune into this lively Happy Clappy episode where you will hear Sarah talking passionately about the power of curiosity.

She highlights how incorporating a curious mind into all areas of your life can bring about personal development, knowledge, and experiences that you may never have had, and how it can change your life in other ways too.

Sarah also encourages you to encourage curiosity in others, particularly in your children.  As they explore their talents and passions with a curious mind they can also discover potential opportunities that may help their future careers.

To find out more about Sarah J Naylor, her 1:1 coaching, her book ‘Shining a Light on You’, her digital ‘Manifest Your Dream Job’ courses, and her APE Mindset™, please visit: https://www.sarahjnaylor.com/

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